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hello! i’m going to try to make this as short as possible, but here's a link to my more thorough guide.

i. do not god mode. i think this is a pretty obvious thing. aubrey is my character, and therefore, i’ll be the only one controlling him.

ii. don’t copy aubrey i’ve put a lot of time and effort into developing aubrey and i will not find it flattering if i find out that you’ve copied him!!

iii. english is not my first language. i write decently, but i'm bound to make mistakes.

iv. i’m underage.

v. nsfw post will be found here, and i do write smut. it will all be tagged accordingly, though.

vi. tag your triggers, cut your posts & use the small code.

vii. this blog will have sensetive material featured on it!
it will most likely not be under read more.

viii. this blog is multiverse.

ix. you can find my banned fc's here.
"I lost you once. I’m not going to lose you again"



" thank jesus. " she mumbled, rushing
   to hide behind the dressing stand. 
   ” why did you pick such a horrid
   colour like orange for this dress ??


" it looked good on the mannequin. suppose
your hair and skin tone kind of,       makes it
less flattering.” he gave a little sigh then, hand
brushing through his fringe as he held his gaze
upon her frame. or at least what he could seeof it.
“why did we need these dresses again ?? 



" as much as i wish to agree with the
  designer, i don’t think so. i believe it
  looks odd with my skin colour. “

"i thought you were my intern?
        i’m just teasing. get it off,
it’s hurting my eyesight.”



" you are a very silly boy, aubrey. "

"oh, stai ‘zitto. i think the orange really
compliments the brown in your eyes.”


      all right, perhaps this isn’t the most suitable
      look for you.        although i must admit that
      you look dreamy!!! “

you were my  S U N 
                my   M O O N  &  S T A R S  

                            but the moment i looked at you, 
                                            i started to shake my head and laugh. 

             how foolish am i, to not realize 
             that all this time, you were  my 
                                    U N I V E R S E.



       ”admit it or not. it’s not something personal anyway. it’s actually a fact. but you know you just can choose to ignore it. maybe that way you are happier. who knows?” her shoulders went up & down quickly as she sighed deeply & threw her head back a little. daisy wished there was something she could really do but there was nothing. also she’d hate to put her nose into something that is not her business. ”let him know then. you said you just left. that means he must be confused & if he says he moved on or he’s trying to then you can’t really blame him. let him know that you just need time & you don’t wanna break up. but be sure that’s what you want. —- ugh. relationships suck. —— really? tell me about her? i mean you technically don’t know her but like — just tell me.”


       ”you know, you can actually give great advice every once in a while.” that was just about the closest thing to a compliment she’d get from him this particular night, as he felt overly gloomy and emotional. yet her presence comforted him, and although he didn’t really wish to explain further, nor talk about his feelings, he was well aware of the fact that he had to. he had to learn to deal with his own problems, in order to not become someone’s burden. “i’ll text him sometime, i suppose. i don’t think i’m ready to face him just yet.           tell me about it. i hate love.” cue the scoff. who would ever thought such a statement would fall from the lips of an italian? “she seemed sweet ; a very intelligent young girl. she spoke so well, i was impressed! they were making cupcakes when i came, i reckon i ruined the mood a lot. but she was the most adorable little girl i’ve ever seen.          had her father’s eyes.” a smile broke out upon his petals, marking his right cheek with the curve of a dimple as he fixed his gaze upon daisy. “think i fell in love with her.”



   ”well that’s good, then. you think this is
   drastic? hmm…well i’d have to disagree
   with you on that. and yes murder you. 
   but only if you decide to call the cops
   or run away. so your fate is really up to
   you here.” 


   ”yes, i do believe that’s beyond drastic.
   don’t you think taking someone’s life in
   a matter of seconds is a bit        harsh?
   and what exactly do you mean by run away?”